Mail Merge Template Conversion Guide


This article is for users with existing mail merge templates.

Updating Templates and CSV files for Mail Merge

  • CSV Templates
    • The “Version=1.0” cell does not need to be updated, so if that cell has 6.0, or any other version you don’t need to edit it.
    • “TaxPayerName” needs to be a column header and all cells in that column are required.





Updating Templates for Mail Merge

  • Word Templates
    • Mail Merge items may need to be changed.
    • A default field, “TaxPayerName”, is required.
    • This can be placed anywhere on the Word template.
    • Your mail merge will have errors if that field isn’t used on your Word template and its corresponding CSV file.




  • All items in the Signature Placement tab need to be changed.
  • Remove all Fields (tags) placed using the SignatureFlow Word plugin.
  • Replace these with SafeSend Returns Signatures fields.






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