Signature Settings

The Settings menu allows firm administrators to update and save global default settings for SafeSend Signatures.

Please note:

Only System Administrators have access to the Settings section.
  1. Click Settings in the left panel of SafeSend Signatures. 
  2. Select General

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Automated Signing Reminders
A firm-wide default for automated signing reminders can be selected here. The signer will receive a reminder based on the selected time frame until the signing is completed, the document is canceled, or the item is deleted.
  1. Check the Enable Automatic Signing Reminders box to enable this feature. 
  2. Click the Send Signing Reminder every. . .  drop-down to select a reminder timeframe. 

Automatic Signing Reminders.png


You can turn on Sender Delegation in order for users to send documents for signature on your behalf.  This setting gives senders the option to send documents but display the sender's name as another user.

For a detailed guide on delegation, see the Sender Delegation article. 

Setting Description
Sender Delegation

Allow users to choose who can and cannot select them as a sender

Automatically Delegate to Everyone Allow users to choose who can and cannot select them as a sender
Document Type

A document type must be selected to process a Signature item. Default document types can be added. 

  1. Click Add to Add Document Type OR
  2. Click the Edit button. 
  3. Type a Value into the document type field. 
    • This will be the value the processor sees when uploading, and the value the signer sees. 
  4. Click the File Expiration drop-down to select a default expiration date for the document type. 
  5. Click the Activate checkbox to allow users to start using the document type. 
  6. Click Add to save the new or edited document type. 

Add document type.png

Saved Messages

Create and edit email templates for documents being sent using Signatures.

  1. Click the Add to add a new template OR
  2. Click the Edit tool to edit an existing question.
    • The question must be selected in the left panel first. 
  3. Enter Saved Message details.
  4. Check Allow users to edit before sending to allow users to edit the saved message before delivering the document. 
  5. Check Set as Default to make this message the default for all documents during processing.
  6. Click Save

Saved Message.png


Enable or disable authentication, create authentication questions, and determine if users can add questions during processing. 

  1. Toggle the Signer Authentication option to enable authentication for document recipients. 
  2. Click Add to add a new authentication question users can select during processing OR
  3. Click the Edit tool to edit an existing question. 
    • The question must be selected in the left panel first. 
  4. Enter Security Question Details.
  5. Check Set as Default to make this the default security question. 
  6. Click Save
  7. Check Allow users to add new questions while processing button to allow users to add unique authentication questions. 

Security questions.png

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