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SafeSend Signatures™ allows for sending documents that need to be e-signed and are separate from documents that could be sent with a return package. With SafeSend Signatures™, documents can be sent any time of the year.  This article will walk you through uploading and adding signature blocks to a document to signers that you specify.

Important information about Send for Signature:

  • Up to 30 documents can be sent in each transaction.
  • Word documents and PDFs only (.doc, .docx, .pdf).
  • Documents should not be password protected when uploaded. 
  • Documents will remain separated when completed.
  • Word documents will be converted to PDF and can’t be edited when signing.
  • Reporting information is separate from SafeSend Returns® reporting.

Sending Documents for E-Signature

Upload Documents

  1. Drag and drop or Click to open your File Explorer to upload files into SafeSend Signatures™. 
  2. Enter Client ID.
  3. Enter Client Name.
  4. Select Tax Year.
  5. Select Document Type.
  6. Enter the Expires On date.
  7. Click Delete if the document was uploaded in error.



Add Recipient(s) & Message

  1. Sender:
    • Is the Company Name by default but can be changed to the user's name via the drop-down.
    • This will serve as the name of the sender that will appear in front of
  2. Sender Signing
    • If the name is set to the company, the only option is Sender does not sign.
  3. Recipients:
    • Enter the email addresses for each signer and CC'd recipient.
    • Click the green sign to Add New Contact.
      • If the same email address is used for two signers, color coding will be active to identify Signer 1 and Signer 2.
  4. Recipient Type:
    • Select the type of recipient based on signing needs 
      • Signer
      • CC
  5. Link Authentication
    • Select the type of authentication. Leave blank to provide no options. 
      • First 4 of SSN/EIN
      • Last 4 of SSN/EIN
      • Access Code (email)
      • Access Code (SMS)
      • Question and Answer
  6. Message:
    • Select a message template from the drop-down. 
    • Select Custom Message from the drop-down to add a message that has not been added to Saved Messages.
  7. Subject
  8. Message Body:
    • Templates can be created and saved under Signatures > Settings > Saved Messages.


Signature Placement

  1. Drag and drop signature fields onto each document as needed.
    • The signer fields currently being placed will be highlighted.
    • Each document needs to have at least one signature field for every signer on it.
  2. When adding Text fields, you will be able to determine if those are optional or required.
  3. Reset icon will clear the document of all signature controls and return the document to its original state
  4. Undo icon will undo the last action
    • Undo will not remove Signature Placement Controls


Set Access

  1. Select a User from the list of Available Users to grant access to the document.
  2.  Click the relevant arrow to move a user to Authorized Users for the Document(s) or back to Available Users.
  3. Click Finish to send.


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